Town Rangers

The Town Rangers (or Bluecaps) are the eyes and the ears of Experience Guildford. Think of them as urban rangers – they are friendly, knowledgeable about Guildford and passionate about what they do.

Dealing with everything from broken paving slabs to helping with first aid, the Bluecaps are here to make sure visitors get the most out of their time in Guildford. 

The Bluecaps are also there to help collect any information from town centre businesses and filter it back to the EG office – everything from collecting job vacancies and promotions to signing people up to our dedicated training packages. If you’d like a visit from a Bluecap, just ask!

The Bluecaps are on duty 7 days a week from 8am – 6pm.

Contact details:

Pete – 07711408142

Mark - 07711408140

David - 07711 408139

Rosie - 07711408137

Emma -  07885469236