Jacks marks 25 years in business with year-long support for Prostate Cancer UK

Jacks of London is celebrating 25 years in business by giving the 5-star treatment to staff from Prostate Cancer UK during Men’s Health Week, [10-16 June] and after, until the end of the month. The move marks the beginning of a year-long partnership between Jacks of London and Prostate Cancer UK to raise awareness and funds for a disease that kills more men than breast cancer does women.

‘It’s a great way to start the relationship,’ said Emma Lee, Marketing Manager of the south east-based barber with stores in Guildford and Camberley,   ‘Getting those involved with the charity into the barber chairs at our stores is the  perfect opportunity them to chat with our barbers about the disease, which kills one man every 45 minutes in the UK.’

Currently, prostate cancer is the most prevalent cancer in men with more than a quarter of new cancer cases in men being prostate cancer. Around 129 are diagnosed with the disease every day, more than 47,000 each year. But Prostate Cancer UK is helping fund vital research all year long into better diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease, as well as providing support for men and their families.

‘We have decided to mark our 25 years by giving back,’ said. ‘We wanted to do something other than just celebrate our birthday and prostate cancer chimes very personally with us. Family and friends as well as clients have been affected.

‘Men’s Health Week runs from 10 June, so we decided our first event would acknowledge all the amazing work done by Prostate Cancer UK’s people, while at the same time educating our barbers about the disease. But we’ll be running other events too as men’s health and the work Prostate Cancer UK does is important all year round,’ added Emma.

‘We are going to team up with our partner American Crew to spread the word and we’ll be selling the charity’s iconic ‘Man of Men’ pin badges. We are proud that Jacks can team up with a charity that is moving so quickly to eradicate one of the most devastating diseases affecting men.’

Jacks of London was founded in 1994 by Sue Whitehead, a salon owner who recognised even then that most men preferred an all-male environment over the unisex salon experience. She opened her first store in Wimbledon, and the business has since grown solidly to eight stores.

Over the years, Jacks has won many accolades, most recently in 2018 when Jacks of London Art Crew member Kipp Evans won a place in the International Barber Awards in Germany. He went on to win third place overall and the title of UK Barber of the Year.

Jon Eserin, Associate Director of Fundraising at Prostate Cancer UK said: ‘We’re incredibly grateful to Jacks of London for offering this initiative to our wonderful team. Not only will this year-long partnership raise vital funds for research, it will help start conversations about the disease and hopefully encourage more men to be aware of their health.

‘We’re delighted to partner up with Jacks of London as we continue the fight against prostate cancer. We recently launched our new campaign, ‘Men, we are with you’, to celebrate everything great about men and highlight the special moments we lose when a man dies every 45 minutes from prostate cancer, so look forward to working side by side over the next year to amplify this message.’