Catching up with some of Surrey's favourite Mascots!

Ahead of their outing at next week's #GuildfordLights event, we wanted to find out a bit more about some of the Mascots who will be taking part in the Mascot Parade!

Name: Scorcher
Organisation representing: Surrey Scorchers Basketball
Time with business: 3 years
What is your party trick: I can do flips and tumbles on the way to the basketball hoop!
Favourite thing about Guildford: The fans, that come to Scorchers games at Surrey Sports Park! They’re so loud and we’re like one big team.

Name: Sizzler
Organisation representing:Guildford Flames
Time with business:1992 - Current Day
What is your party trick:Turning on the Christmas Lights but Peter Gordon has let me show you my true talent yet!
If you had one dish to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose: Vindaloo!

Name: Twizzle
Organisation Representing: 360 Play Farnborough
Time with business: 10 years
Best Christmas cracker joke: why did Santa have 3 gardens, so he could HO HO HO
Favourite thing about Guildford: The cobbled high street

Name: Egbert
Organisation representing: Eagle Radio
Time with Business:10 Years
Favourite thing about Guildford: Eagle Radio
Best Christmas Cracker Joke: “Who hides in the bakery at Christmas?  - A Mince Spy’

Name: Kelly Kangaroo
Organisation representing: Kelly’s Storage Charity Events
Time with business: 10 years
Favourite thing about Guildford: All the amazing charities doing good things in our community
Favourite Christmas present of all time: New ears that stand up straight

Catch the Mascot Parade at 5pm from White Lion Walk on Thursday 15th November. The parade will be led by Guildford and Godalming Rock Choir.

There is lots of activity throughout town during the day, follow the link for full information: