Trash Canteen Community Lunch Raises Over £200!

On 28th September, The Boileroom had a special community lunch for our new community Pay What You Feel Surplus food Pop Up Cafe, Trash Canteen! With assistance from the food gurus of Smokey Joe's, we managed to fill the bellies of many, all whilst raising money for a good cause.
Supported by Waitrose, Fairshare and Community Foundation for Surrey, we had a special lunch, where local charity Halow Project brought along some of their homegrown produce (courgettes, pumpkins, tomatoes, sweet peppers, courgettes and marrows!) for us to create a hearty vegetable curry, roasted vegetables, tomato and coriander salsa and rice, and courgette and carrot cupcakes for dessert!

James, Sam, Anna, and Darren from the Halow Project's Cook and Grow scheme came along to help us prepare the food, along with Aisha and Gill. Everything was ready to serve to our hungry customers, nearly 80 people came to the launch throughout lunchtime, including Halow Project staff, family and friends who all tucked into our Trash Canteen feast!

We raised £240 altogether, which will be split towards The Halow Project and Trash Canteen.

For more information about Halow Project and Trash Canteen, please visit:

If you would like to run an article about Trash Canteen, or need any more information, please email Jasleen on press@theboileroom.net