Drummer to the stars Paul Jones gives back at ACM masterclass

Recently, drumming superstar Paul Jones – who has performed with the likes of Sigma and Labrinth – came down to the Academy of Contemporary Music‘s Guildford campus to deliver a masterclass to its students. Held in the Electric Theatre (which the Academy has just taken over the lease for), students flocked into the concert hall eager to hear the drummer speak and perform.

“It was a really great turn out – it was better than my expectations. My second impressions of ACM have been amazing ¬– I have been here before but in a completely different capacity to today; it was actually accompanying some musicians for their exams. But today’s impression was amazing. Just walking into the main building – it’s really high tech actually.”

Paul Jones, drummer

The masterclass ran in a question and answer format, with plenty of performances thrown in. Focusing on his signature style of mixing electronic sounds with acoustic drums, Paul showed students how he uses his triggers and chops up samples to achieve his modern sound.

During the class, one student asked Paul which DAW he prefers, and Paul told the students that he likes to use Ableton for live situations but when creating music, he prefers Logic. Another student asked how he achieved his endorsements, and Paul advised the room that he contacted lots of drum places individually, which helped to create the relationships he has now developed with Pearl and Zildjian.

Before the masterclass drew to a close, Paul invited five drummers up on stage to try out his drumkit and triggers. The participating students clearly had a lot of fun trying out the drumkit, and their peers in the audience really enjoyed watching their classmates perform.

The masterclass was a complete success, with eager students staying back to ask Paul more questions.

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