Locations of defibrillators

Listed below are businesses who have defibrillators.  If you are interested in any training for you or your staff please contact sasha@experienceguildford.com to organise.


Casino Night Club, Onslow Street GU1 4SQ

Field of Fitness, 18-19 Chapel Street GU1 3UL

Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House GU2 4BB

Guildford Police Station, Margaret Road GU1 4PZ

Guildford Railway Station, Walnut Tree Close GU1 4UT

Harbour Hotel, 3 Alexandra Terrace GU1 3DA

Royal Grammar School, High Street GU1 3BB

The Friary Guildford, North Street GU1 4YT

YMCA, Bridge Street GU1 4SB