Have a Heart, Give Smart

We are rolling out a new initiative introduced by the Association of Town Centre Managers (ATCM) in a bid to positively change consumer behaviour towards street beggars. The ‘Have a Heart - Give Smart’ campaign, originally introduced in the City of Edmonton, Canada, helps raise awareness of the best ways to support and offer help to those that we perceive in need on our streets. 

The campaign centres on encouraging people to focus their charitable giving on local charities that help tackle the complex issues associated with homelessness and rough sleeping, rather than simply giving to one individual which could further fuel their problems.

These charities include those dedicated to mental health issues, substance abuse and shelter, all integral to supporting the health and well-being of this vulnerable sector of society.

Working in collaboration with the Safer Guildford Partnership, Experience Guildford is urging visitors and residents of Guildford to learn more about the registered charities and organisations that work in the local community to help those most in need on our streets and make a positive change for the future.

You can donate via the following links:


Scheme partners include:

Guildford Action
Guildford Borough Council
Riverside Care and Support
Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner 
Town Centre Chaplaincy
Surrey Chambers of Commerce
Safer Guildford Partnership
Number 5 Project