At Experience Guildford we work to serve our 600 levy payers and aim to provide the highest standard of delivery on the projects within the business plan. The Business Plan identifies four main project areas, and below details some of the projects we are currently working on. Click here to read our 2018-2023 Business Plan!

1. Marketing, Promotion & Events

We work to deliver footfall driving events to benefit town centre businesses and are working to create a packed calendar of events for the forthcoming year which will be displayed on this website. Events held so far this year include the launch on 2nd March 2013, working in partnership to provide free Park & Ride and giving people the chance to win £500 to spend in Guildford town centre. We also support existing town centre events such as Guildford Summer Festival and the monthly Farmers' Market.

The Experience Guildford website is the best place to check for news & information about the town centre, as well as having a comprehensive directory of town centre businesses. This is one of the key projects outlined in the BID business plan. The events calendar is proving to be an important tool for the town centre businesses to submit their events so that more people know about them. You can do this yourself by going to the events tab and filling in the short form. 

At Experience Guildford we are huge advocates of using Facebook and Twitter, shouting about how fantastic Guildford town centre and its businesses are and letting people know what’s happening in the town centre and why they should visit your fantastic businesses. Want more support from us on social media? Let us know.

2. Safe, Clean & Welcoming

We have introduced a small team of Bluecaps to serve town centre businesses. The Bluecaps are the eyes and the ears of the Experience Guildford, to help with enquiries from the general public and to communicate with you to make sure you are getting the most out of the BID. They do everything from communicating about events such as the Customer Service Awards 2013 to ensuring that maintenance issues are dealt with in a timely manner. 

A Night Time Economy Manager has been appointed to work with the pubs, clubs & restaurants to make sure that Guildford is a premier venue to visit at all times of the day and night. Projects currently being undertaken include Best Bar None, as well as Behave Or Be Banned. We have also provided the funding for Taxi Marshalls on Friday evenings to make sure that customers enjoying Guildford town centre get home safely. 

3. Access & Car Parking

We are currently working with partner agencies to introduce promotional free Park & Ride days to encourage use of the service and to drive footfall to the town centre.

Clear, practical information about car parking is displayed on our website to ensure that people visiting Guildford town centre have an enjoyable, hassle free journey.

4. Business Support

This website allows you, town centre businesses, to input any upcoming events they have to be displayed on the calendar and in the news section of this website. This gives you a great platform to talk about their exciting events, and shows potential visitors why Guildford is such a great place to be.

An exclusive privilege card has been developed for use within the town centre. The card aims to keep spend local, create another platform for you to talk about any promotions, events or products you wish to and also enables us to measure how well the town centre is performing. Also, who doesn’t love getting a good deal!